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Is It Time To Refinance1?

Whether you've owned your home for a short time or you've had your mortgage for much longer, a refinance should be carefully considered. Here are a few main reasons you may want to consider a refinance: 

  • IMPROVE CASH FLOW. Many people refinance to take advantage of a lower interest rate or to extend the time needed to repay the loan. A refinance may allow you to lower your monthly payment, leaving money in your pocket for other expenses. But remember, simply extending the life of a loan means you will pay more interest in the longer term. 
  • SHORTEN THE TERM. If you refinance your 30 year home loan into a 15 year home loan, by making larger payments you may be able to pay off the debt faster. Depending on current interest rates, shortening the term may not always result in a significantly higher monthly payment. 
  • CONSOLIDATE DEBT. Combining multiple loans into one can make it easier to track payments. An additional advantage would be if you are able to get a lower interest rate. 
  • CHANGING THE TYPE OF LOAN. If you have a variable rate loan, you may want to refinance into a fixed rate loan. This could be very beneficial to you if rates are low now, as they are always subject to rise in the future. 
  "We had an exceptional experience with Madelyn! Doing a refinance was a new process for us, but she guided us through each step seamlessly. She was extremely knowledgeable and could answer any and all questions. We have always had top notch service with First Bank of Calhoun - this was no exception!" - Rhett J.
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1Refinancing is subject to credit approval.