We offer savings plans with your financial goals in mind.

Minor Savings1
Under Age 18

A great teaching tool that demonstrates the value of saving to children in an easy-to-manage format for parents. 

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Regular Savings1

This account is the foundation of any financial plan. Start saving for your rainy day, Christmas, new car, or any large purchase that you need to fund over time.

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FIRST Elite Money Market1

Enhance your investment options with this high interest tiered rate account. This account is ideal if you maintain a high savings balance and desire a premium rate.


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Christmas Club

Avoid financial stress around the holidays with a First Bank Christmas Club account. Set up a regular transfer or direct deposit into this account and you can begin saving. The balance in your account will be sent to you the first week in November - just in time for holiday shopping!


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1 Overdraft/Return, ISP, Phone, Data and Message fees may apply. Fees may reduce earnings where applicable. See account disclosures for full details. 2 ISP, Phone, Data and Message fees may apply. 3 Bank excess withdrawal fees and regulatory limitation apply. See product brochure/fee insert or account disclosures for full details. Regulatory Limitations for Savings and Money Market Accounts - Savings and Money Market Accounts may have no more than six (6) "convenient" transfers or withdrawals per month, or monthly statement cycle, from the account. "Convenient" transfers and withdrawals, for purposes of this limit, include preauthorized, automatic transfers, including but not limited to transfers from the account for overdraft protection or for direct bill payment, transfers or withdrawals initiated by telephone, facsimile, or computer, and transfers made by check, debit card, or other similar order made by the depositor and payable to third parties. Exceeding regulatory limits may cause your account to be converted to a transaction account. Other, less-convenient types of transfers, such as withdrawals or transfers made in person at the bank, by mail, by using an ATM, or request initiated by telephone and disbursed by check mailed to you, does not count toward the six-per-month limit affecting the account's status as a savings or money market account.